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Members Page


Members CLICK HERE to fill out the REUNION "08" Planning Form

  NAME 04-05 Dues Paid Receiving Zeitung   NAME 04-05 Dues Paid Receiving Zeitung   NAME 04-05 Dues Paid Receiving Zeitung        
  Mausi YES X


Renate       Steve & Inge YES X  
  Herc & Doris YES X   Ernie YES X   Hank & Lilo YES X  
  Traudell       Art & Elsbeth YES X   Carol      
  Arnold & Traudel       Louie K.       Rip & Linda   X  
  Jerry & Shirley       Traudel K. YES X   Spol & Sue YES    
  Brigitte Burlingame YES X   Sigie       George & Christal YES X  
  Brian & Gisela YES X   Didi   X   Mr. Lee YES X  
  Louie YES X   Inge K YES X   King Arthur      
  Louis & Heather YES X   Peter & Monika       Doc & Sally YES X  
  Max & Tami       Joanie P.   X   Chris W. YES X  
  Cindy       Peggy & Joe       Chuck W.      
  Barbel & Joe YES X   Dick & Diane YES X   Raymond YES X  
  Dave & Mariele   X   Bob & Trudy       Stevie W. YES X  
  Ken & Ute YES X   Lore              
  Joe & Sophie       Chuck Ruby              
  Elizabeth F.       Gerda & Jack   X          
  Doris & Herbert YES X   Brigitte S. YES X          
  Buzz & Christa YES X   Ronnie & Renate              
  Egon & Inge YES X   Roger & Ursula YES X          

    People we are trying to Locate:    
             Ronald Rasmussen  Last addresses Germany, Illinois and California, worked as a tech rep    to armed forces  Devorcied from Ilona.    
             John Fincel Last known address Phoenix Az.    

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