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Dear Contact_FirstName ,

Thank you for sending us your Ballot about our Reunion .  You have voted via the internet your choices will now be recorded.

You have submitted the following information / choices:

First Name: Contact_FirstName
Last Name: Contact_LastName
Address: Contact_StreetAddress
City: Contact_City , State: Contact_State Zip Code      Zip Code:Contact_ZipCode
E-mail: Contact_Country
Home Telephone:Contact_HomePhone                      E-mail: Contact_Email

Location: Alpine-Helen, Georga Location: Branson, Missouri Location: Waldkatzenbach, Germany  
First Date Choice: FirstDate   Second Date Choice: SecondDate Cabin Type of Cabin Sharing: Sharing   Type of Cabin Single: Single  
Smoking: Smoking   Non-Smoking: Non-Smoking  

First Sharing Choice: Share1  
Second Sharing Choice: Share2  
Third Sharing Choice: Share3  

Souvenir: Yes Souvenir: No  


If any of this information is incorrect, please go back to the feedback form and change it. 


The Reisenbach Reunion Group

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Revised: March 30, 2001 .